Who We Are?

Turkey’s first and leading PM consultants PY Consulting International Inc. (PY Uluslararası Proje Yönetim ve Danışmanlık A.Ş.) is an experienced and young company established by the founders and executives of Proje Yönetim A.Ş. with a global vision based on their know-how of more than 40 years.

Haluk Doğançay

Haluk Doğançay

Chaired by Mr Haluk Doğançay, the company has since successfully carried out many prestigious projects including Sinpaş Saraylar, Turkcell, Odea Bank, and HalkGYO.

The firm’s founding partner Mr Doğançay entered the consultancy sector in 1989, establishing a partnership with his colleagues and with the financial support of Bayraktar Holding A.Ş. while working professionally as the planning and project manager of Turkey’s first real estate development mega project, Ataköy Tourism Center, in the years 1985-89. In this period the team introduced Turkey her first shopping mall, first private marina and first indoor entertainment center.

Desiring to continue their careers as independent consultants, the founding partners restructured the firm with an “Employee Partnership” model as of 1989. Shaped for the purposes of “offering planning, development, management and consultancy services to large scale real estate development projects in and out of Turkey,” in the 25 years since its foundation the company has sustained its mission as the first firm in the field and strengthened this status as a vanguard and a reputable firm.

In the course of 25 years the firm pioneered many new initiatives in line with the need in the industry in a diversity of areas from project financing, business administration, to production management, information technologies, and education.

Ever since, we have set our goal to the success of the investors.

Our managing partners and associates who consist of architects, regional planners, engineers and economists, under the leadership of Mr Doğançay, have deployed their professional capabilities in myriads of local and international projects and continuously improved their skills in technological innovations as well as management techniques.

In our adventure in the long 25 years that seem so short to us;

  • We were at the heart of projects that made the difference in the field.

  • We did not wear the hat of a designer or a manufacturer. We did not enter into any conflicts of interest with our project stakeholders. We conserved our independent stance and stringently adhered to the codes of conduct of FIDIC, EFCA and PMI.

  • We remained open and clear to our clients in pursuing success in details from idea to operation.

  • We made entrepreneurial leadership our primary approach.

  • We simply acted like a strategic partner of our clients.

  • We respected our past and always focused on the future.

  • To sustain our sense of business that we proudly bear, we adopted it our principle to improve and advance ourselves at the same pace with the changing world.

  • We integrated these notions not only into our projects but also into our lives. 

We believe that;

“Real ideas” take the lead in “Environmentally Conscious” and “Genuine Projects” that demand “Rigorous Management.”

Multidisciplinary team working are the sine qua non of our projects.

Support of state-of-the-art information technologies is the greatest pillar of strength behind our professional services.

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