Our Market

Ufa and Sterlitamak – Russia
+ Sterlitamak Ncity Shopping Center
+ Ufa Residential Development

Volgagrad – Russia
+ Lukoil OnShore Terminal

Moskow – Russia
+ Arkadia Business Center
+ Capital Towers
+ Rasen Mercury Tower
+ Festival Mall
+ Tobtim Logistic Center

Skopje – Macedonia
+ MCT-Ilinden Land Development

Ashgabat – Turkmenistan
+ Enerji Hatları

Bucharest – Romania
+ Land Development

Girne – North Cyprus
+ Port Cyprium Development

Minsk – Belorussia
+ President Hotel

Almaty – Kazakhstan
+ Olympic Village

Amman – Jordan
+ Samarah Dead Sea Resort

Dar-es-Salam – Tanzania
+ NHCT Kawe Uptown City Master Plan

Tripoli, Zawia – Libya
+ LIVIS Libya Motor Vehicle Inspection System Development

Alger – Algeria
+ Multi-Use Complex

Tunis – Tunisia
+ Free Trade Zone

Baku – Azerbaijan

+ Dreamland
+ RamStore
+ CityStar
+ Roseville
+ Baku Bulvar

The Russian Federation and the CIS (Belarus, Ukraine)
Proje Yonetim A.S., in which PY International Consulting finds its roots, has been receiving invitations from international projects since 2000. PY Consultancy International has first entered the international market with the project management and consultancy services it has provided for the Arkadia Shopping and Trade Center planned in Moscow by TOBTIM International Trade Centers, Inc., which is a partnership between TOBB (Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) and TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) aimed at the development of national export. Following this project, PY Consultancy International has served in many real estate projects undertaken in Moscow by international Turkish construction firms and local investors and expanded its services to the neighboring countries of Belarus and Ukraine. PY Consultancy International continues to actively provide its services in Moscow, Ufa, Sterlitamak and several other cities.

The Turkic Republics (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan)
PY International Consulting established its first official office abroad in 2007 in Baku-Azerbaijan, in connection with the simultaneous launching of the Dream Island, Star City and Roseville projects by leading Turkish and Azerbaijani investors.

The Middle East (Jordan, Iraq)
The first project that PY Consultancy International undertook in the Middle East market is the Samara Village Development Project developed by the Dubai-based Emaar Properties, Inc. in Jordan on the coast of the Dead Sea. The construction of the project was started in 2007 and implemented by a Turkish construction company that was selected by PY International Consulting. PY’s activities in the nearby geography have been temporarily stopped because of the recent political developments in the region. Qatar ranks first among PY International Consulting’s short-term targets.

African Countries (Tanzania, Ethiopia, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya)
In 2008 PY International Consulting launched its market growth activities in the African countries including Tanzania, Ethiopia, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, within the framework of the guidelines published by the Turkish Government and Ministry of Economy in connection with their decision aimed at supporting the Turkish engineering consultancy system. PY International Consulting has since implemented a number of market research, feasibility and master plans in these countries. The activities, however, came to a halt with the emergence of the Arab Spring movement in North African countries, and will be resumed once political stability is achieved.

The Balkans (Romania, Macedonia, Albania)
With the breakup of the former Yugoslavia and the accession of some of the newly founded countries into the European Union, Balkan countries became part of PY International Consulting’s target markets as of 2004. Having successfully completed a number of feasibility and master planning works in the Macedonian capital Skopje and the Romanian capital Bucharest, PY International Consulting is conducting its works for developing projects in Albania and Serbia in the short term.

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