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Project Management today is acknowledged as an independent concept, a form of management and a field of professional know-how and experience albeit it has developed in the last several decades basing on the methods and models of a construction sector that dates back to several millennia.  The construction sector, despite its history dating back to […]

You have been a project manager for some time now. While you can explain processes in your sleep and have a firm grip on your projects’benefits, there is still something that eludes you… the team member from Generation Y. Born in the mid-1980s and later, there are probably members of Generation Y on your project […]

You recognize the importance of following successful, repeatable processes and providing regular status and progress reports. But you may sometimes feel that these processes and reports create more tedious work than they are worth and that they are merely serving an organizational mandate. Many organizations, especially those with a project management office, mandate certain methodologies […]

Communication is the lifeblood of projects. Typically, project managers rely more on formal communication. However, successful project managers know how to tap into informal communication skills to get things done. Consider a project manager who needs to get feedback on a crucial decision from key stakeholders on his project. There is a whole range of […]

The DNA of the PMO


Project management offices (PMOs) have been around for a while and have become a common fixture in many organizations. Despite this, the core purpose and function of a PMO continue to be questioned and debated. The situation gets further convoluted in organizations in which PMOs proliferate at multiple levels with overlapping or conflicting functions. On […]

Any project can fail. Even the most seasoned and skilled project manager may, at one time or another, find themselves at the helm of a troubled project. Having a project in trouble does not necessarily signal the project manager is doing a poor job. Projects can go off course for a variety of reasons, some […]

The temporary character of projects not only gives way to information and experience obtained from projects to remain the knowledge of individuals who take this knowledge with them when they leave the organization, but also causes this learned knowledge and lessons to be forgotten within a short period. To enable learned lessons to be captured […]

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