What is ProjeOnline?

The project focused IT infrastructure of PY Consulting International has been developed on IBM Lotus Domino servers. It has then been taken to a web-based platform namely “ProjeOnline” a web based team collaboration platform – which by means of security measures, has further empowered Project Stakeholders with real-time access to their project documents from their respective locations around the world.


ProjeOnline V-PMO (Virtual Project Management Office), being a web-based application serving to provide team collaboration functions to project oriented stakeholders, enables all project participants to share and access project information through the Internet from a centralized repository from independent geographic locations around the world 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Capabilities of ProjeOnline “Virtual Project Management Office” include enablement of project communication and collaboration, project document management, project process workflow automation, and much more.

Through ProjeOnline;

  • + Team members participating on any given project may coordinate project tasks and activities and allocate resources effectively and in a timely manner due to increased communication facilities,
  • +  Ideas may be easily shared and online discussions comfortably held such that problems may be aggressively hunted down and solved while allowing for project revisions to be documented and relayed to concerned parties without delays in time or cost,
  • + Ease of use is enabled for project follow-up in that the ProjeOnline may be accessed from anywhere using just a browser and an internet connection,
  • + Efficiency-inducing and Value-adding services are provided to the project.



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