The theme of the 18th PY Days realized on 27th of June, 2012 was “The New Turkish Law for Commerce and its Effects on our Business Life”.  The speaker was Mr. Gursel Ozdogan, Board Member of PY Consulting International. During his presentation, he discussed the following principles of the law (composed of total 1540 clauses) interactively with the participants and gave detailed information about the rules to comply with the regulation, abuses and punishments and the calendar for application.

+ Transparency
+ Accountability
+ Institualization
+ Legal processing in digital environment
+ Increase of share values
+ Improvement of investment environment
+ Protection of investors
+ Right proportionality for delegation and responsibilities
+ Preventing unregistered business activities
+ Executives of local consulting, design and contracting companies have participated to the event thus remarkable questions and answers came up.
+ The whole event has been published online through questions have been answered online through Twitter and a digital record has been published in our website.

Please Click here for meeting notes.

PY Consulting International
“The New Turkish Law for Commerce and its Effects on our Business Life”

Gürsel ÖZDOĞAN, Board Member of PY Consulting International

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