Occupational Health and Safety ranks among the major topics on the recent agenda of the construction industry. Despite the standardization efforts of institutions, nonetheless the legal arrangements of the public administration, increase is seen in the number of occupational accidents, and investors experience significant time, cost and quality losses in projects because of such mishaps. There remains no doubt that the greatest fault in this respect lies in the approach that focuses on individual mistakes and responsibilities instead of the system.

Now, as in most developed countries, we offer a methodical approach at the focus of the Occupational Health and Safety System that is employed as early as the conceptual design phase and coordinates the entire design, production and management process with this perspective. In PY International’s Occupational Health and Safety Focused System this function begins with the design phase and is implemented in line with the importance, scale and specifications of the project by a multidisciplinary team equipped with the OHS knowledge and know-how.

Incorporation of Occupational Health and Safety starting with the design, technical specifications, planning, and tender preparation phase is crucial in terms of ensuring the integrity of the system. In a design phase that is developed with the participation of different individuals and teams from different disciplines at different phases, the system enables defining of potential risk factors for every phase at an early stage, hence measures can be taken towards reducing or eliminating such possible risks.

In this process, acting as the project manager on behalf of the Employer, PY International -in addition to its other responsibilities- monitors the design, planning and execution processes from an Occupational Safety perspective, advises the designers and the Employer on occupational safety, follows-up on the process and inspects the detailed specifications and the bidding process. In the execution phase, as the single responsibility point, monitors, manages and supervises the stakeholders’ conduct on their Occupational Safety responsibilities based on the terms of contract, and secures a professional liability insurance against the risks it undertakes.

In brief, OHS Focused Project Management signifies PY International’s reliable and holistic project management approach in carrying out the project together with the investor, the designer and the constructors as one single team, in regard of the common interest of all stakeholders and using a model that is different from the traditional Occupational Safety systems that focus on individual mistakes.

This returns to the investor as “time and cost savings, and safety, sustainability and quality.”

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