The “Green Building” goals of investors are determined in line with their organization’s vision, capacity, strategies, and the requirements of the relevant master plan, environmental conditions and energy saving needs. PY International provides the technical and administrative support the employer needs for this decision at the initial phase of its activities. Then, presents its opinion and suggestions about the suitable national or international certification systems and levels, the qualified consultants, and aids the employer in the consultant firm selection process.

Green Building Certification is a process that has to be monitored in and coordinated with the architectural and engineering design and implementation phases in keeping with the time and cost criteria of the project, and holds a significant share in the total commercial success of the project, in that it:

  • helps reduce operating costs and increase the value of the project,

  • introduces substantial power and water savings, and

  • provides healthy and safe living and working environments to the users of the building.

PY International therefore regards all processes of the project as a whole and assesses the criteria comparatively with respect to cost and time. Although PY International’s experts hold experience in many international certification systems, it collaborates with firms specialized in this specific field.


These firms may be one of the parties in the contract signed with the employer. To ensure a holistic view of the project, however, we recommend that this expertise is provided through the Project Management firm. Even though different approaches and methods can be applicable in various certification systems, PY International recommends the below defined work flow:

  1. 1
    Preparation Phase
    • + Establishing the Green Building Committee of the project,
    • + Sharing information with the Project Committee about the various certification systems, their levels and the costs of the levels,
    • + Designing a scoring system for the designated level.
  2. 2
    Pre-application Phase
    • + Ensuring preparation of the project in compliance with the sustainable building design principles,
    • + Attending regular design meetings throughout the design phase,
    • + Assisting the employer’s decisions in the design phase,
    • + Assisting in reviewing the project in terms of the certification requirements and scoring criteria together with the Green Building Valuation Experts, and in preparing the final project,
    • + Assisting in authoring the construction’s technical specifications to include the Green Building criteria.
  3. 3
    Implementation and Final Application Phase
    • + Attending meetings on a regular basis and overseeing the implementation, notifying about and ensuring correction of flaws,
    • + Reviewing the relevant documentation in the procurement phase with a view for selecting the suitable sustainable material.
  4. 4
    Energy and Daylight Modeling
    • + Having the detailed design of building power and, if needed, the daylight modeling prepared in line with the project’s certification criteria, and related reporting,
    • + Ensuring that the local climate conditions are observed and energy savings are calculated in designing the models.
  5. 5
    Testing and Commissioning Phase
    • + Having the Testing and Commissioning Plans prepared,
    • + Having the “Functions Lists” prepared for the systems to be commissioned,
    • + Having the “Performance Testing Operations Lists” prepared for the systems to be commissioned.
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