As the first firm in Turkey in our field of expertise, we have prided ourselves in the 25 years since our foundation in being the most reputable firm and in having pioneered the “leading solutions” in all areas in the industry.

Since our first day, using technology-driven management techniques, we focused our objectives on maximizing investor profitability and increasing commercial success.

In this course we brought many ideas to life in line with the need in the industry in a diversity of areas from project financing, business administration, to production management, information technologies, and education.

In the many projects that we developed and managed we offered genuine and creative solutions to our stakeholders:

  • Several “firsts” were introduced to our daily lives as part of Turkey’s first mega tourism project: the first shopping mall “Galleria,” the first private marina “Ataköy,” the first indoor entertainment center “FameCity,” and the first multi-level store “Printemps.”

  • Turkey’s first international architecture office “SHC Proje A.Ş.” and Turkey’s first property management firm “Yönser A.Ş.” were established under PY International’s partnership.

  • Turkey’s first web-based project management platform, “ProjeOnline,” and Turkey’s first corporate training program, “Phoenix,” were implemented by PY International.

  • We are among the founding fathers and developers of Turkey’s first Canal City project “Port Alaçatı.

  • We created a modern Office Fit-Out project management model together with “PYOfis.”

  • As part of our R&D activities we implemented the Corporate “Lessons Learned Database” project.

  • With “MOVIS” we accomplished an original project management model for chain establishments (such as vehicle inspection stations and gas stations).

  • We successfully developed “PY Days” –our monthly business meetings series aimed at industrial information sharing— into a tradition.

  • We collaborated with many universities and public institutions in Turkey’s first earthquake-focused urban transformation project in Zeytinburnu and paved the way for legal regulations.

  • We have been actively involved in renovating historical structure built by Gustave Eiffel and transformed the venue into a lively center in Turkey’s first Coastal Development Project “Konak Pier.

We published our activities in numerous trade journals and bulletins, and presented in national and international conventions.

Today, together with our reputable business partners, we continue to offer our new products and solutions to the interest of our clients in line with the rapidly growing needs, the market, the industry, and technologies.

PY + SOLUTIONS (Next Generation Project Management)

  • PY + 5D-BIM: Using 5D Building Information Modeling technology

  • PY + IDB: Using  the Integrated Design and Build Delivery Model

  • PY + LEAN: Using  the Lean Management techniques and its unique contract model

  • PY + TOC: Using  the Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Management Method

  • PY + GREEN: Using  International Green Building Certification systems

  • PY + ERP: Using  Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions

  • PY + EVA: Using  Early Value Analysis and Value Engineering techniques

  • PY + OHS: Occupational Health and Safety Focused Project Management

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