Construction Management

  • Construction Site Start-up Phase
    • Construction Site Organization
    • Construction Site Mobilization Planning
    • Site Delivery to Contractor
  • Procurement and Tender Management
    • Subcontracting Tenders Monitoring, Supervision and Reporting
    • Material Selection, Monitoring and Supervision
  • Construction Inspection Process
    • Contract Management Controlling
    • Correspondence Management on behalf of the Employer
    • Controlling of Shop Drawings
    • Material and Manufacture Acceptances
    • Bill of Quantities and Measurement Controlling
    • Weekly-Monthly-Periodical Reporting
    • Coordination of Contracted Firms
    • Remedying of the Defects and Faults in the Projects
    • Controlling of As-Built Drawings
    • Controlling of Progress and Final Accounts
  • Budget and Cost Controlling
    • Cost Evaluation
    • Time Based Cash Flow Planning and Controlling
  • Safety Plans and Controlling Related to Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS)
  • Provisional Acceptance and Final Acceptance Phases
    • Provisional Acceptance and Follow-up on Deficient Works, Commissioning, Delivery
    • Final Acceptance and Follow-up on Deficient Works
  • Time Management
    • Monitoring and Updating of the Contractor’s Work Schedule
  • Process Control
    • Design
    • ERP
    • BIM
    • Green Building (LEED/BREEAM)
    • Legal Permissions/Licenses
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