Novo Petrovskaya, Regional Shopping Center

Prokons Construction, which predominantly works in Russia and stands a prospect of being one of the major undertakers in the country’s construction industry, commissioned PY Consultancy International as consultant for designing the organization structure and the time- and cost-management systems that was initiated across the company.

A total construction area of 23,000 square meters was selected as pilot project in the Novo Petrovskaya Shopping Center Project, for which PY Consultancy International created a CSI Masterformat – Uniformat based Work Schedule for the Time and Cost monitoring systems. The program is already being used in the accounting office and construction site technical office for time-based cost tracking. The tracking system enables the team to easily create and present to the senior management physical progress reports on weekly and project progress reports on monthly bases.

The goal of the consultancy project has been set to establish Prokons’ eight projects across Russia into an extensive portfolio management program by the end of 2014.

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