Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities Entered in National Occupation Standards

Project Managers’ National Occupational Standard, issued with respect to Professional Competency Law No. 5544 and concerning provisions of regulations for National Occupational Standards Preparation, falls into 20 Occupational standards, and is effective from its publication in The Official Gazette No. 28863 on 26.12.2013. Together with this standard, based on the opinions of related corporations and institutions, a Project Manager’s

+ Job Description,
+ Work Environment and Conditions,
+ Professional Profile,
+ Necessary Knowledge and Skill Levels

are determined as six (6) in an eight (8) level matrix; the requirement for holding knowledge, skills and abilities indicated below is defined.

According to this, a Project Manager must:

+ have advanced knowledge with theoretical and critical perspective in any given field;
+ have advanced skills to command complicated and unforeseen problems, and present innovation in a field that requires expertise;
+ manage multifaceted technical and professional activities and projects, and take on the responsibility of decision in unforeseen occupational activities and in managing individual/group professional development.

For he past 25 years, since our foundation in 1989 as Project Management Group companies, we have been offering the knowledge defined in the above mentioned Project Manager National Occupational Standard. We welcome this new step in developing Project Management as a profession in Turkey.

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