The invited speaker of PY Days on 7th of December was Baris Lostuvali.  During his speech on “Innovation & Lean Management in Construction Industry” Mr. Lostuvali has given updated information and has highlighted the following points whilst presenting his recent experiences on a 1 billion USD cost hospital Project in Los Angeles-California.

  1. Construction industry produces more losses and wastes than any other industries.
  2. The need of innovation and lean management approach is considerably higher than other industries.
  3. The most important issues of lean management in construction industry are human, technology and process.
  4. It is a must to select all stakeholders as strategic partners in quality based method, to share the same physical environment, to provide effective communication and to plan the processes before starting any Project.
  5. In order to achieve the most adequate production result, it is important to share the risk and the profit by establishing a risk&profit pool in projects.
  6. It is a must to assign the necessary time for planning, to minimize material, manpower and money losses before starting construction, to simplify and visualize the systems.

You can reach the video recording of Mr. Lostuvali’s speech by clicking the following link.

Barış Lostuvalı, Senior Project Manager – HerreroBoldt, Inc. / USA

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