Organized by PY since January 2010, The 23th of PY Days took place on 30th of April, 2014 with the theme of “Expectations of Users and Investors in Office Buildings” at the PY’s Atasehir Head Offices. The speakers of the event were;

– Firuz Soyuer from DTZ Turkey,
– Murat Ergin from KB-BNP Paribas and
– Serdar Serdaroğlu from RED Real Estate Development.

The basic expectations of about 30 participants from the Turkish real estate industry were flexibility, right definition of the corporate identity and the use of the accurate systems and materials in Office Projects which cover various performance criteria from the selection of the location to the design and from the construction to the operation.

The event started with Mr. Serdaroğlu’s presentation on “Development Dynamics of Istanbul Office Districts”. The speakers discussed public planning processes and their incompatibility with the allocation of Central Business Districts (CBD) during the development stages of the Master Plans. Later on, speakers commented upon today’s and future’s most valuable regions..

The speakers shared their views on the investors’ and users’ expectations, discussed the meaning of offices have for investors and users and how to ensure successful office investment. The speakers also shared their opinions about the location, accessibility, advantages of surrounding social facilities such as restaurants, shops, banks etc and the importance of operation management for a successful office investment.

Mr. Ergin said that the supply and demand equilibrium should be assessed very carefully. He added that the office projects under construction and planned exceed the demand and hence the current office stock will probably create problems in the near future. He also attested that investors consider the green building certifications such as LEED and Breeam, as marketing facilitator tools, however that no other actor in the industry master the subject except the investors. After the panel dicussion, a Q&A session followed.

Please visit this link for the presentation of Mr. Serdaroglu, Istanbul Office Districts Development Dynamics.




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