The temporary character of projects not only gives way to information and experience obtained from projects to remain the knowledge of individuals who take this knowledge with them when they leave the organization, but also causes this learned knowledge and lessons to be forgotten within a short period.

To enable learned lessons to be captured and stored in the corporate memory, the moment of experience has to be freed of any subjective and emotional influences, and recorded.

Although the Lessons Learned methodology has found itself a place in the PMI’s PMBOK standards for almost 20 years, it has started to assume a different format in the recent years in line with the development of the new generation internet environment (WEB2.0) and the new generation project management (PM2.0) approaches. Consisting of mere written records in its initial phases, this method is now achieving an electronic format, changing from being special software to bearing the properties of the new generation social networks. This new culture overlaps with notions such as decentralized management, participative and collaborative environments, quick and transparent access to knowledge, and nevertheless flexibility.

The aspects that ought to be actively considered in order to actualize the “Lessons Learned” Program in an organization are: consistency of terminology, finding the answers to why and how in line with the objectives of the organization, principle of approach, selection of the methods and techniques to utilize, integration with the other processes of the organization, selecting the program manager and harmonization with the corporate culture.

A “Lessons Learned Database” development can be considered through the following phases:
– Defining a real learned lesson
– Recording a learned lesson
– Storing information (database)
– Managing information
– Searching, accessing and retrieving information
– Assessing the lesson learned
– Rendering the learned lesson an integral part of the corporate culture for perfection, by reiteration


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