BIM (Building Information Modelling) is becoming widespread in the construction industry at a remarkable pace, and many designers, constructors and investors are exploring the potentials of BIM as an “integrated project management tool” far beyond its three dimensional design characteristics. Today, BIM is acknowledged as a process facilitating the collaboration among designers, constructors and investors, and providing the optimum benefits that exceed the limits of the technology use, by allowing them to begin managing projects in the early design phase and, as well, to see the cost and the time dimensions at initial stages.

As the PY Group, we aimed to maximize the benefits of BIM during the process of realizing the projects and invited an international expert, Trimble’s (USA) Mr Scott SHEPARD, technology consultant in BIM Compliant Project Management, and a PLM Consultant, Infotron’s (TUR) Mrs Muge SUMEROL who have shared with us very useful information on BIM and its holistic impact on time and cost issues.

The presentation concluded with a Q&A session held with the active participation of about 20 representatives from the Turkish construction and investment sectors in a friendly and interactive workshop environment in which international experiences were shared.

Presentation Of Mr. Scott SHEPARD

PY DAYS 24 – BIM Compliant Project Management 1

PY DAYS 24 – BIM Compliant Project Management 2

PY DAYS 24 – BIM Compliant Project Management 3

PY DAYS 24 – BIM Compliant Project Management 4

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