The conference entitled “A New Approach and Technology for AEC Industry: BIM–Building Information Modeling” by Infoftron, Inc.’s Chairman Mr. Tarcan KİPER addressed and introduced the BIM and BLM (Building Lifecycle Management) approaches and the benefits of these approaches which are rather new to Turkey.

BIM is essentially defined as the data generation and management processes of a construction or building in the course of its life cycle and allows for increased productivity and efficiency in the project and building phases of the structure using three-, four-, and five-dimensional designs.

The BIM approach primarily uses a three-dimensional, real-time and dynamic building modeling software in the design phase. This software helps to synchronize and coordinate the building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, light analysis, and the qualitative and quantitative properties of the building components in the design phase. “Time,” as the fourth dimension, uses Project-/Workflow-based simulation and allows to monitor the construction of the building in real-time. The fifth dimension is “Cost:” Cost estimation and analysis allows identifying the actual costs at the design phase, eliminating the uncertainties of the construction phase as early as design, and enables the automatic processing of material and order follow-up. Any modifications required during the construction can be updated automatically on the model.

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Tarcan KİPER, Chairman of the Board of Directors – Infotron A.Ş.

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